Friday, December 21, 2012

Its A CHICK Christmas Photo Shoot!!

After alot of hot glue & pom poms, we have a wee christmas chick photoshoot!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

If he could only talk!!!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

At The Pumpkin Patch!

Had a great day at the BlackSpruce Farms Pumpkin much stuff to see & animals to feed...
Warning: Lotsa pictures!!



Have a great Weekend everyone!

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Fall Ya'll On The Homestead

With a few great friends & family, we tested out one type of bird that we raised as we sat down for a wonderful meal. It was the smallest one 17 pounds! It was wonderful.....and on Thanksgiving we will try another type, like a heirloom bronze...

The colors right now are fantastic, in reds,golds,oranges, & greens.

There is a beautiful warm breeze during the day, and a brisk crisp night, that makes you know it is soon to have the woodstove on..

Lots of black bears lookking to fatten up on a variety of juicy berries that are still plentiful thanks to the  gorgeous summer this year. Its been a couple days since we had our turkey meal, and with all the leftovers , and more coming,something had to be done & fast..... Turkey Pot Pies, the easy way! Here is my method:
Peel a bunch of carrots,

Cook them 3/4 of the way... saving your peels for the chickens,of course:)

Put all your leftover gravy in a large pot

Add all your remaining dressing & mix it all up! Cube up your turkey and add a bunch(my version of measuring)

Add your carrots, and any extra veggies you have leftover (I had corn).  Be sure to add a glug of your tasty cooked carrot water-but not too much!

My gravy was already seasoned well, or I would now add salt & pepper...

Prepare your favorite double pie crust recipe. Times it by 6, if your making this many!

I placed my bottom crusts into the dollarstore pans I found 3/1.00, and pricked bottoms of pastry.
Fill with turkey filling & Top with strips....

Make sure to make a huge mess of flour all over , or it wouldnt be proper piecrusts....

Top with the lids & wrap in bags. Pop into the freezer for a quick tasty meal on the run! Bake at 400 for 35-45 minutes from partially thawed.
There are a couple here with a few friends names on them....:)
Enjoy your fall beauty...wherever you live!
We have alot to be thankful for....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Its Turkey Time!

What a whopping weekend! With some wonderful friends help we cranked out 18 turkeys all together over the past 3 days... The biggest weighing in at a crazy 31 pounds!
Talk about having a bit of stiff neck syndrome...time for the hot tub!  This guy didnt even fit half in the sink..
Here is us taking the feathers off

A beautiful clean Tom awaiting his wrapping

The size of these guys just blows my mind!

Hi Five Buddy!

All pretty and looking more & more like Thanksgiving supper.

Time for a well needed rest!