Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Baby Beaver & A Crazy Week!

I think the last couple of weeks could go down as the craziest in a long time for us! What a busy escapade it was! During our hikes down to the ravine we came across a bear eating all these adorable baby beavers, and we were able to save the last baby.

Meet our latest addition(temporarily) peanut! Hes about a week old.

It appears EVERYONE was getting attached to him. We called a variety of shelters but couldn't get any help until after the long weekend. So in the meantime there was some serious prepping to do!
We needed to set him up a play space out side & inside as baby beavers known as "kits" require alot of handling,grooming, and nursing for the first few months.

The poor darling.... in the middle of this my latest birds had all arrived & we were trying to make room for 22 new heritage turkeys, and 13 Sussex hens and 3 Sussex roosters in brooders. They all arrived safe & sound in this cute little shipping box.

These are some crazy curious turkeys!

The sweetest girls inspecting their new home, its sure better than the tiny exploding box of poultry!

We went back to the ravine to see if we could find another baby beaver that might have escaped and walked up and down for quite some time but were out of luck.

We found the baby tracks but no more babies in sight.

Worked on a homemade trellis for my chicken coop, it turned out pretty cute.

On Tuesday after the long weekend someone finally returned our called back about Peanut
and we had to send him away to a wonderful wild animal shelter a few hours away called
 "Northern Lights animal shelter". They were so great to take him in ,as its a huge commitment because they rehab them for 3 years before being released back into nature.

I know this is a fuzzy picture but I had to share it ,as Peanuts finally feeding before we had to send him away. We knew it was best but we had cared for him for  4 days and woke to do feedings every 3 hours, it was quite a job. But totally worth it :)
Hope you had a great weekend!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

It was a lovely hot weekend here in the great white north!
Trellis were crafted,

Coops were still in construction mode, except this weekend I worked on the prettying it up part!

Worked on the pallet garden project...

Got some heritage raspberries planted..

HIked into the revine & set some more beaver traps, & took in the beautiful weather ,and the wonderful natural sounds,saw some VERY fresh bear,deer, and beaver tracks...

Found some great junk at the local community garge sale!

Cleaned the house...a little..... It was a nice weekend! Hope yours was wonderful as well!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

More recycled Pallets!

I'm so tired! Today was a fantastic hot day and I was able to get alot of work in the garden done with my super awesome friends help!  Don't mind all the mess...nothings green totally yet. Here we are about a month behind  everyone down south so we don't put our garden in until about may long weekend. Better hurry up, pressures on!!

We chopped all the pallets lengthwise into 3 and screwed them together. Tomorrow I will have to level things out a bit and finish the pathways. I want to fence the area and build a cute arbour....someday:)

These guys were so patient today, because they were desperate to come out to play, but they have eaten almost all the lawn, so I'm going to leave them cooped up for a few more days so my lawn can regenerate itself!
Sorry babes....

I know, I'm so

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Man, just when you think you are almost done, more & more little things pop up, but I can finally see the light!
It felt so good to know we did it al ourselves! I was so excited when I saw all these great wooden peices at one of my many favorite industrial sites! They were perfect for the gate  side of the coop. All I had to do was screw everything together. Now the fence is half finished , I will have to get another couple rolls of wire to go underneath and above my posts. Thanks goodness my hubby was there to maneuver that auger because it was a real bear in all that clay!

The stairs are up, made completely from recycled free junk, as well as the plywood on the slider doors(dumpster!)
Ignore the ugly green tarp, that's our roof until summer until we can get the used tin sheeting that's sitting  at my father in laws home 7 hours away.

Here is the galvanized planter hubby strapped onto the coop so I could fill with soil to plant nasturtiums for my chickens to eat. Slowly we are getting the water barrels organized for collection. That will be wonderful because our home water has a water softener which the chickens aren't allowed to drink because of the salt content.
And also because we have a very shallow well that drys up in the summer as it is!

Here is Biscuit again roosting for the first time! Im soo excited, and I cant believe the turkey roosts but not the chickens...weird... The back 2 chickys are australorps named Mini & Rocky. I have 20 more turkeys coming in a couple weeks as well as 14 chickens, & I cant wait!!

Yes , I love him....or her....I think....I certainly wont be eating my favorite ones......welll...boy I could be in real trouble here, Im such a softie but really I might keep this one forever...

Ahhh I needed a break so I headed to the garden to see how bad the weeds were and check out all the wonderful flowers in the garden popping up everywhere.  The kids must have been frog catching again when I found a bucket of these! Ohhhhhh to be a child again:)

Wow theres alot to do.but at least its fianlly turning green.  I guess some things have to give when your trying to turn your dreams into reality.
Good thing creating this hobby farm is a 5 year plan!
~Blessings, and a thank you to all the lovely commenter's, and kindered spirits that this blog has let me find,discover, and enjoy!

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