Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pallet Coop "DeVille" is almost ready!

So, we set out on an adventure building our recycled pallet chicken coop!
It was pretty fun ,but just when we figured we were making some headway it seemed to never end! Here we used pallets for the base, floor and studs.

My yard looked terrible with all the broken pallets and junk around but was totally worth saving quite alot of money:)

Then again, we had these sweet turkeys waiting for us to hurry up! these guys are one day old here. and broad breasted bronze heritage breed turkeys.

Meet Biscuit.  That is him above , they sweet little fellow behind him ended up dying unfourtunatly, so bisciut was pretty lonely.  I took him under my wing and hes doing great. Here he is 2 weeks old.

Its almost there!!! We can see the light!  It helped to have a husband who knows electrical, so we could wire in lights and heat lamps. Each side is seperate for turkeys and chickens and night.

Pallet board outside...

Nesting boxes are almost done...

We found this great window used from some neighbors for cheap, so that was a great find!

Geezzzzzzz, I love turkeys, they are so docile & calm.

This is Rocky & Mini awaiting their chicky side to hurry up and be finished...

Now to just keep an eye on all these kitties who are very interested in all the events going on over here!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trapper Tales

Well I have been a busy little beaver! So busy in fact that Ive neglected my blog for awhile, so I'm hoping to do some catch up!  This past weekend my husband & I got our BC Trappers licenses, in a 3 day course.  Anyone who knows where I live, knows about all our beavers in our creek. Sometimes the populations get so large that culverts are plugged and our land as well as all the neighbours land floods to where you cant get home from work & the roads close!  I wanted to do something that would help, and as avid hunters we love animals, so we thought becoming trappers would be a fun hobby.  All respect to the fur bearers, every part is used and nothing goes to waste!  We also have a huge wolf population that is cleaning northern BC out of most of our deer & moose populations, and so the government has asked for help to reduce some wolf numbers.  Since they are so adaptable & hearty, we are risking loosing some wonderful animals to endangered list soon if this continues.
 Here I am in my class learning to nail beaver pelt to a drying size board.
Our instructor is great, and here he is teaching us about different types of trap settings.

Above he is prepping  a water beaver set.

Here he is teaching us a urine post set for coyotes.

Below are 2 giant nearly 60 pound beavers trapped
in our class. There are known to be more than 100 in just a few miles, so this
didn't really make a population dent in any sort.

I don't think you can see in the above picture where we learned to make wolf snares.

This is showing how to set a lynx trap

It was a great & educational weekend!

Trapping & trap lines have so much history, its interesting to learn all about how our ancestors lived off the land , and hunted & trapped.  If your interested in trapping, there are some great books out there , but nothing beats live demos and fresh air!!
great link on fur: