Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby gift Ideas

I know this is crazy Im back again:) LOL but I wrote a few new posts and forgot to publish them!
 I want to show my girl friends my baby gifts for my sis, so here we go:

Cute polka dot bin from Micheals crafts store filled with clothes & goodies Ive been collecting for awhile....
Our kitty thought he would be cute and sit on it....

and there also was the cute matching hanger for diapers which I filled with assorted stuff like washclothes, baby spoons, my organic baby bum balm available here for her new little bundle. Just some quick gift ideas!
Next I need to plan the food so of course the  best ideas are floating about Pinterest! Off I go.....

baby shower!

Im so excited, my only sister is having her first baby ever & I get to plan the baby shower!
She lives 10 hours awa so whatever I plan , I have to be able to take things with me:) So my plan is to get as many cool ideas as I can that take minimul space up so when I get the call to go see the baby I will be ready to go! Everything has to fit into my truck in 2 giant rubbermaid totes.... this is what I have planned so far! Her colors are grey & violet , which happen to be my 2 favorite colors right now so that makes it easy for me!!

First I made her a scrapbook page for everyone at the shower and anyone dropping by her house with a gift to fill out! I made it on Picnik & am so sad that it will be gone forever soon!
If anyone knows any similar free programs that you dont actually have to edit a photo in but are able to create pictures & button please let me in on the secret! Then i found a purple & grey scrapbook at Micheals
and made image print out exactly to fit & all she has to do is slot in the pages:)

Then I got out the die cuts and some scrapbook paper and created a cute simple purple banner because Im on a budget!

and finally decorated a dollarstore clipboard front & back and glued some pretty ribbon around the pen for her to keep track of gifts she recieves so she can send proper thank you's!

I will share my baby gifts shes getting later....
Bye for now:)


Welcome to my blog!
 I hope this will be a place for me to learn new ideas, try new things and share favorite recipes! A few things about me: We live on 10 acres of rolling hille and beaver creeks running through our property in Northern British Columbia.  We get the most fantastic sunsets almost every night!  We love it here & have fabulous green summers & beautiful crisp winters. We are avid hunters and fishers , and Im a craft & organizing fanatic! I also make handmade goats milk & lotions and hope to show you all sorts of wonderful ways to get back to nature, love your life, your family & how to make any house a home.
Old school baby! There will be lots of:

 beautiful sunsets....

Fun in the sun...

 Fun gardening ideas...
 and crazy party planning:)

download & print courtesy of:

so many ideas on pinterest you could be up all hours of the night!!
And last but not least food & my fav recipes like this:

Recipe found here:

See you soon!