Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Man, just when you think you are almost done, more & more little things pop up, but I can finally see the light!
It felt so good to know we did it al ourselves! I was so excited when I saw all these great wooden peices at one of my many favorite industrial sites! They were perfect for the gate  side of the coop. All I had to do was screw everything together. Now the fence is half finished , I will have to get another couple rolls of wire to go underneath and above my posts. Thanks goodness my hubby was there to maneuver that auger because it was a real bear in all that clay!

The stairs are up, made completely from recycled free junk, as well as the plywood on the slider doors(dumpster!)
Ignore the ugly green tarp, that's our roof until summer until we can get the used tin sheeting that's sitting  at my father in laws home 7 hours away.

Here is the galvanized planter hubby strapped onto the coop so I could fill with soil to plant nasturtiums for my chickens to eat. Slowly we are getting the water barrels organized for collection. That will be wonderful because our home water has a water softener which the chickens aren't allowed to drink because of the salt content.
And also because we have a very shallow well that drys up in the summer as it is!

Here is Biscuit again roosting for the first time! Im soo excited, and I cant believe the turkey roosts but not the chickens...weird... The back 2 chickys are australorps named Mini & Rocky. I have 20 more turkeys coming in a couple weeks as well as 14 chickens, & I cant wait!!

Yes , I love him....or her....I think....I certainly wont be eating my favorite ones......welll...boy I could be in real trouble here, Im such a softie but really I might keep this one forever...

Ahhh I needed a break so I headed to the garden to see how bad the weeds were and check out all the wonderful flowers in the garden popping up everywhere.  The kids must have been frog catching again when I found a bucket of these! Ohhhhhh to be a child again:)

Wow theres alot to do.but at least its fianlly turning green.  I guess some things have to give when your trying to turn your dreams into reality.
Good thing creating this hobby farm is a 5 year plan!
~Blessings, and a thank you to all the lovely commenter's, and kindered spirits that this blog has let me find,discover, and enjoy!

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Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I think you'd win the chicken coop of the year award- really. This is fantastic and to think it was all from scrap.

Also, the tadpoles- you don't have to be a kid again. I collect them all the time! What fun it is. The culvert fills up when it rains hard and the frogs jump in there immediately- not fit for kid viewing, I'll tell you. When the egg strings are in danger of being dried up I take two cups up there and wade in, straining them into one cup. Then I dump them in our fountain or little plastic frog pond. We have LOTS of frogs!

3rnigerians said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your coop progress and Biscuit is getting so big. Our coop is almost done now and I can hardly wait to take my babies outside to stay. I already have 3 baby chicks I could never eat either... They sure do grow on you.

Angie said...

Thanks guys! I know it will be crazy hard to do the butchering when the big batch of chicks & turkeys arrive, I can tell already!!

Michaele said...

This is one of those coops I would stop and photograph if I saw it when I drove by. I love all the wood : )

Gorges Smythe said...

Good blog. I was tipped off by Rustic Acres on Facebook, though she may have mentioned you on Blogger, too. I haven't checked yet.