Sunday, May 6, 2012

More recycled Pallets!

I'm so tired! Today was a fantastic hot day and I was able to get alot of work in the garden done with my super awesome friends help!  Don't mind all the mess...nothings green totally yet. Here we are about a month behind  everyone down south so we don't put our garden in until about may long weekend. Better hurry up, pressures on!!

We chopped all the pallets lengthwise into 3 and screwed them together. Tomorrow I will have to level things out a bit and finish the pathways. I want to fence the area and build a cute arbour....someday:)

These guys were so patient today, because they were desperate to come out to play, but they have eaten almost all the lawn, so I'm going to leave them cooped up for a few more days so my lawn can regenerate itself!
Sorry babes....

I know, I'm so

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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Michaele said...

I love anything made from pallets, but those raised beds are awesome. Cute bunny faces : )