Friday, June 22, 2012

A Month in Photos

Wow what a whirlwind month! So much has happened that I couldn't even comprehend where to start!
For those of you following Peanuts journey....there is lots of good news! Thanks to Northern Lights wildlife shelter & Rehab, Peanut has been feeling so much better,growing, and totally rid of his pneumonia.  Once an animal that is considered a "nuisance" animal has been rescued in BC , the shelter is not permitted to release him back into the wild. He must go somewhere else like a protected reserve or something. Well it turns out our little P.G. Beaver is going to become a star!! He will be going to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife center in California to hand with the other Canadian Beaver "Justine" and hopefully breed together! No chance of a Icy cold winters for this sweetie Pie!! The special Caretaker that will be caring fir him will be personally flying up to pick him up as he is too little for cargo.

My daughter is in junior Olympians in archery and we are at the end of the season and its almost time to wrap it up. The final tournament is this Sunday.

This is how I feel lately...Ive been on crutches with a ripped hamstring, and I cant weed, or do anything fun in my yard & garden. Its horrible, and cant wait for the day it heals, its been weeks..and no progress. I cant drive or do anything with the kids. Praying for healing soon, so I can get with the program!! I love the sun so I'm desperately praying I don't miss out on summer!

This is the garden a month or 2 ago...and this is it now:

Lush and green and beautiful....except the weeds...I will get to them someday...

Ive heard all of the pros and cons about tire gardening, but I'm going for it anyways!

 Even the chickens & turkeys are growing!

Rocky's getting huge!! Hes sure telling the turkeys who's boss around here! Romeo is second in command I think, its hard to tell the pecking order yet with close to 40 birds..

Romeo & Juliet are loving the heat and sun...Hes got the cutest floppy pea comb.

Remember biscuit the "Buff" broad breasted Buff turkey? Hes massive for 3 months!

This little Sussex rooster is 5 weeks old...boy they are tiny compared to the turkeys!!

Here is a 5 week old White Broad Breasted Turkey. Hes 5 times the size of the chickens!

Part of the crew nibbling...

Taking in the new blooms & Blossoms....

Keeping busy crafting up projects for my girlfriends sons wedding. We are the decorating crew! Should be a blast ...I'm dying to be better so we can get the lodge all clean,beautiful and ready for the new bride & groom by august 4th.

So happy we got to hit the beach before I blew out my leg! We enjoyed a wonderful sunny day at a local beach... I don't know who those people are in the son likes to wander and adopt other families and kids, its kinda fun. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so Overly friendly and maybe a little

Have a wonderful June!

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Paula said...

Sweet story about Peanut~ glad he'll be living the life of leisure in a warm place!
The garden looks great~ hope you're getting plenty of rain right now.
Hope you feel better soon!