Tuesday, January 31, 2012

baby shower!

Im so excited, my only sister is having her first baby ever & I get to plan the baby shower!
She lives 10 hours awa so whatever I plan , I have to be able to take things with me:) So my plan is to get as many cool ideas as I can that take minimul space up so when I get the call to go see the baby I will be ready to go! Everything has to fit into my truck in 2 giant rubbermaid totes.... this is what I have planned so far! Her colors are grey & violet , which happen to be my 2 favorite colors right now so that makes it easy for me!!

First I made her a scrapbook page for everyone at the shower and anyone dropping by her house with a gift to fill out! I made it on Picnik & am so sad that it will be gone forever soon!
If anyone knows any similar free programs that you dont actually have to edit a photo in but are able to create pictures & button please let me in on the secret! Then i found a purple & grey scrapbook at Micheals
and made image print out exactly to fit & all she has to do is slot in the pages:)

Then I got out the die cuts and some scrapbook paper and created a cute simple purple banner because Im on a budget!

and finally decorated a dollarstore clipboard front & back and glued some pretty ribbon around the pen for her to keep track of gifts she recieves so she can send proper thank you's!

I will share my baby gifts shes getting later....
Bye for now:)

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