Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun Find

I just wanted to share a great recipe I came across on Pinterest !
I had a bit of a hectic weekend as the 2 baby bunnies I was setting my alarm for all night to supplement feed, ended up passing away. It was really sad. I needed to get my mind onto something positve...and As I was roaming pinterest I had to try this recipe I saw. I love all breads and this looked so easy, I thought my brain could handle it at that moment, and it was delicious!!

The recipe is :
English Muffin Bread BY: " One good thing" blog by Jillee
and she is right it makes AMAZING TOAST!! Hop over her to check out the great recipe!!

I used fresh honey from my neighbors hive and it was to die for!

She has other great recipes on her blog as well!

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