Sunday, February 5, 2012

Patiently Waiting for Spring On the Homestead

Today we went outisde to look around and plan our spring projects. The greenhouse has wood peices falling off everywhere from all the windstorms...the firewood pile will need refilled and refreshed by summer.
It was such a lovely sunny day but then we got totally distracted by something...

But then we saw all these super cute wild bunny ttracks and went about the property following them around. Boy these guys get around!

Followed them all the way down into the revine..

Deep into some bunny burrows and underground tunnel systems..

and deep down  inside the snow tunnels. These guys are so clever!

Even the kids and dogs knew they were on some kind of adventure!

The girls ended up finding 2 beautiful white fuzzballs bunny babies in one tunnel, but they were so quick there was no time for we headed back to check on our pet bunnies in the house.
Our home sits up on the ridge above the beaver pond. Time to head home!

And these guys have doubled in size since I took this pic.

It was a really relazing and nice sunday.



Unknown said...

Hi Angie! Nice to * meet * you! So glad you found us at Dandelion House!
Hope to see more of you! I am your first follower!

Clint Baker said...

Beautiful just plain beautiful!