Friday, February 3, 2012

Yippee its friday & shop talk

I so exicted! I thought I would share the fun news that I just recieved that my handmade natural Goats MIlk body Lotions & soaps are now available at the old picket fence tiny gift shop downtown! Thats so
exciting for me!!  Heres a peek of how shes got it displayed and set up in a cute little corner! These are my organic lip balms, and organic excema healing balms in the soap box!

These are the Goats milk body lotions below:

Her cute little display. Shes renovating this week and said shes going to give me  the whole glass rack so I better get busy!! So far Ive only sold my items at trade shows, craft fairs, and events such as that for the last 3 years. Im going to get my etsy shop sorted out soon but for now my items are available through my Whipped Clean facebook page!

Pure & Natural Goats Milk- Relaxing & Moisturizing Milk Bath...

Last but not least I thought i would share an early morning pic of a cyote watching me...the poor guy was limping pretty bad, and he wont last long in these winter conditions. He limped up the driveway & then got frightened when he saw me and flew away, but if you look close you can see him in the background starring at me:)
Have a fabulous weekend !

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Anonymous said...

You need to show us the winter view of the driveway we drive on!